• Hi! I'm Julienne and I make anime and video game-style figures with polymer clay!

  • Polymer clay is a synthetic modeling clay made from PVC. It hardens with heat and is plastic-based so lasts extremely well. It's mostly used for making jewelry, so it's quite durable! Cured, baked clay is also water resistant!

  • The figure may be any character you like, even original characters, as long as you can provide reference photos.

  • Queue time may be longer, since I group my commissions by monthly batches. I make around 5-8 clay figures per month!

Sizes (approx.)General PricePH Price
20cm Scale FigureUS$500+PhP 10,000+
15cm Scale FigureUS$350+PhP 7,500+
10cm Chibi FigureUS$250+PhP 5,000+
9cm Scale FigureUS$200+PhP 3,000+
7cm Chibi FigureUS$150+PhP 2,000+
Head Portrait CharmUS$70+PhP 800+
  • All prices INCLUDE express shipping!

  • Figurines come with disassembled acrylic display boxes and super glue.

  • Head charms come with display stands for when you don't want to use them.

Sample of how the acrylic stand for head charms would look like.


Commission Terms & Conditions

  • Handmade items can be a little more expensive than mass-produced ones.

  • Since they're handmade, I cannot replicate an existing figure exactly how it looks. It will mostly be made in my own style.

  • Just keep in mind, the more complicated your design is, the pricier it gets!

  • Slot reservation fee is 30% of the price, to be deducted from the total amount. Balance should be paid before I make it!

  • Payments will be made via Paypal or bank transfer (for local comms) as I'll be sending you an invoice after discussion.

  • For those who would like to pay via credit card or other payment channels, please proceed to my VGen commission page (recommended).

  • Price will include express shipping (5-14 days)

  • If your character's pose is more to the "flashy" side, some parts that are sticking out may be damaged in transit. It's a delicate piece, but nothing a little super glue can't fix!

  • Do NOT file a chargeback before telling me. If you are unsatisfied with the item, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

  • I reserve the right to decline a commission, whatever the reason may be.

NSFW (sexual, blood & cuts)Hardcore gore, p■dophilia, inc■st
ArmoryMecha, armor with very hard edges
Semi-realistic facesVery, very muscular semi-realistic bodies, hyper-realism



You may fill up the form, and I’ll be contacting you once I get to your form response!We cannot assure that your order will be made by the specified date. The form serves as a queue, and I can only make 5-8 clay figures in a month.For sponsorship inquiries, please send me an email at info@thelittlestgifts.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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